Industrious, innovative and ever responsive to opportunities, the Keralites, professional and technically skilled, are among the most enterprising people in the world. Exploring the horizons of career opportunities, nearly 25,00,000 Keralites have emigrated to various countries. They contribute their expertise and innovative skills to their states of domicile, bringing in additional income to the motherland.

It is to ensure the welfare of these Non Resident Keralites, redress their grievances and safeguard their rights that NORKA, the Non Resident Keralites Affairs Department was set up by the Government of Kerala.

Ever since its origin NORKA has devised various schemes to help the NRK at every step. The latest addition to NORKA’s activities is the Non Resident keralite's Welfare Agency (NORKWA).

Kochi city police have come forward to extend our service to NRIs through this site. Now we give you an opportunity to register your complaints from anywhere in the world. We hope you would make best use of this to find amicable solution to your burning problems.

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